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Your mental health, it is about you

Our mind is a complicated place.  Moulded and changed by all that we experience during our individual lives.  Which is why looking after our mental health requires an approach as unique as you.  

Maintaining mental health is our own individual life adventure and when growing up our minds are rapidly changing, as we take in all the world has to offer.  This is why it is so important that we learn our own positive mental habits and support networks early on in life, so that we can tackle all the challenges life have to throw at us.

What I offer

I can offer a range of services and support, both in person and over video, all covid dependent, to support young people's mental health.

I am a trained youth mental health first aid instructor, and am a specialist in training young people to ensure they have the autonomy and education to help themselves.

As an experienced mental health youth worker, i can also offer a bespoke training to young people themselves (16-25).  I believe it is important for young people to have agency over their own mental health and that knowladge is key being able to give them this.

Youth Workshops & Trainings

A selections of workshops and trainings aimed at young people.  These include:

- Angergy: flipping the script on anger

- You've got a friend in me: Helping you, help each other

- Peer Support: Training Young People to support others

- Mental health & life:  An overview of mental health and what, in life, may impact it.

I can also offer bespoke workshops, conversation facilitation and trainings at your guidance, so please get in touch.

Offering a variety of skills and techniques, specifically involvement, of you/your child to help themselves.

I offer 1-1 sessions looking at practical support for young people, which I call WIAG sessions (Wellbeing, Information, Advice and Guidance), I give a variety of short and long term support to young people.

This work can be done as   1-1 sessions or group work.

Digital focus group & workshop leader

Digital facilitation of focus groups and workshops are an art.  

These are not aimed to replace the face to face experience, but to enhance your work and enable you to reach a larger audience.  Using all the tools available to create a dynamic and thought provoking experience.

Even before Covid19, i have been perfecting my ability to engage young people in a digital landscape in a safe, fun and inclusive way.

Participation / Digital Participation

I am a firm believer that when you are creating something for someone, whether that be a mental health service for young people or a campaign to educate young people on self-care, that they should be the ones at the centre of the creation team.

This requires training, a strategy and more.  I can help you create a strategy and process for ensuring young people are involved in services and support that helps them.

Bespoke consulting and training

I can offer bespoke consulting and training to schools, youth organisations, corporate companies and more. 

This can be anything from creating psychologically informed environments, Human Rights Education, suicide conversation workshops, mental health campaigns and more. 

I have done many things in my life, but one of the things I am most proud of is being co-founder/director of Euro Youth Mental Health.

A youth NGO, that aims to bring together young people across Europe to promote mental health and prevent the impact of mental illness.

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As well as a mental health youth work professional, i am also many other things, that includes an expert by experience, dealing with depression, anxiety and 'low-frustration tolerance' or 'anger' as I call it.  

From a young age, I've had these difficulties.  Often resulting in angry outbursts of silly proportions, at the most mundane of things.  However, through learning more about this through my life, I've managed to gain perspective and insight into this topic more.

I am a comfortable public speaker, can be interviewed and provide real life experience as a man, managing and struggling with his mental health.

See more examples and informative chats about anger on my Youtube page.

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